HarvestBell Goals

  • I will give Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt opportunities to realize their strengths and limitations, to be self-aware and passionate about what they have to offer to God and to the world.
  • I will foster a love of learning in Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt by reminding myself to retain flexibility in their educational choices.
  • I will present to Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt a Christian world view through a variety of resources appropriate to their ages and maturity levels as they develop.
  • I will model to Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt the natural order of authority with the family-centered life they will have.
  • I will “fill” Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt with salt before I allow them to go into the world without my close supervision.
  • I will be able to protect Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt the best at home, away from the public schools that are often the target of shootings.
  • I will enable Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt to retain autonomy over their own bodies; away from the pressure of public schools to get risky HPV vaccinations, birth control prescriptions, etc.
  • I will show Snicklebritches how to be a self-assured feminine young lady after God’s own heart at home… the best place to learn home economics.
  • I will show Wigglebutt life skills so he is able to be an independent individual when he is an adult.
  • I will move at their paces; whether they are struggling to grasp a concept or if they’re breezing through them. With homeschooling, they will not have to risk missing out on learning something if they’re unable to keep up nor will they have to be bored if they understood the material on first try.
  • I will provide Snicklebritches and Wigglebutt with free time to just be a child.
  • I will prepare Snicklebritches for a rigorous future in academics with Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. Even if she chooses to not attend college, she will still find these useful in her personal Bible study.

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