How can you teach your kids?

I was asked how do I teach the kids. Well, first, let me ask you. How did the parents in Biblical times teach their kids? There were not public schools. They did not send their kids to the house of the book until their kids were 12/13. Reading, writing, arithmetic were the parents’ responsibility and the rabbis expected the kids to already know these by the time they came to the house of the book. They would stay at the house of book from daybreak to noon then go have lunch and then go on to their respective apprenticeships (learning a trade). This kept up as late as the New Testament (Timothy was taught at home first before coming to be taught at the house of the book. So how did these parents teach their small children how to read, write, and do arithmetic? I can only assume it was through the natural ways of the Scripture, by using the Bible as a tool from morning to bedtime, like in Deuteronomy. Fathers were commanded to train their children by answering their questions. My daughter’s starting to ask questions and when we answer them, she’s learning. The teaching method that’s modeled in the bible is rote learning. Memorize genealogies, memorize the plagues, memorize the Biblical wars, kings, etc. Then as they get older, they’ll start asking questions about these facts. They went to the house of book already familiar with these facts. They were able to start asking their rabbi the hard questions right away, they didn’t have to waste time learning about the facts first. I don’t withhold the hard facts from my kids. For instance, today, I took my special needs son along with me to my women’s bible study. We dig deep into the historic roots of the Scriptures, we discuss wars, the horror stories, the atrocities committed. She was narrating the facts while showing us a map. My son shocked me by staring intently at the map she was holding up and then at home, he got my Bible out, flipped to the back where the maps are, there’s several, and I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized he had flipped to the map closest to the one that Carol had been using in Bible study. Who knows… perhaps my son understood every single word and it was a heavy dark topic. I do not shelter my kids from the brutality in the Bible, but I try to wait until they are able to dialogue with me about it. As I research how children learned in those times, I realized they listened to their father read the Scriptures out aloud, even the gory parts. After all, education boils down to the way of the Lord. (I found this information in the Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, which is available on Bible study tools and here )


So, HOW do I teach my kids from scratch? I suppose it’s just by living. I get in the dirt with my daughter and I scribble in the mud with a stick showing her how to form her letters. I curl up with my son and read the Bible and other classic books aloud to him as he dozes off to sleep. I let my daughter peel potatoes for supper. I guide my son through the signs when worshipping God. I teach my children from scratch through Christ. If I was doing it all by myself, I am sure it would be an impossible task, with me being deaf, them hearing and autistic. But like the above source pointed out, education is the way of the Lord. How can I not teach my kids from scratch? It’s simply living for Christ.