Leaf Unit


I realize it’s been a while since I posted. It’s been crazy busy. Our Leaf Unit went really well. The Bible lessons really impacted Snicklebritches and she realizes sin cuts her off from God and that she cannot survive without God, for God is the source of life. It also impacted me. This curriculum looks like it’s a light fun year, but in reality, it has a lot of meat to digest even for adults. I understood that God is the source of all life, from the Sun Unit. I understood that I can reflect God’s glory (Moon Unit). But I, as an adult, admit I did not truly understand the stark reality of what being cut off from God means. I understood that we are not going to have eternal life without God, that Jesus made it possible for us to have a blameless soul when facing God, and without Jesus’ blood covering us that we’d be cut off. What I did not fully grasp is what being cut off means. Yes, death. But what exactly?


When I went through a hard time in my past, I had to hit rock bottom to realize that life isn’t what I make it (on my own, pulling myself up by the bootstraps, that kind of mindset.), but what I do with what is given to me. I have come to realize God’s Will is sovereign, I cannot change what his will is, but I can change my attitude about God’s will, life’s circumstances, and what’s thrown my way. I have been given special needs children to raise all the while struggling with my own sickness. It’s not easy. I had to hit rock bottom, or as I explained to Snicklebritches, I almost fell away from the vine like a leaf falling off the tree. I can choose to reject God or I can choose to live and grow in God. Life will be the same either way. I can tire myself pushing against a locked door or I can just accept the circumstances and let God unlock the door.


Snicklebritches got into her dad’s pipe tobacco, which happens to be dried leaves of the tobacco plant. I pointed out she is like this tobacco. Is it alive? No. It’s just shredded dead leaves. Do you remember what happens to the leaf when it falls off the tree? (death) Ok, do you remember what makes you fall off the tree of Life, the vine of Jesus? (sin) Okay, tell me, what is it called when a little girl decides she does not want to listen to her daddy and play with his tobacco? (crying and saying “disobey?”) Right. You disobeyed. You did NOT honor your dad. What happens if you do not do what God told you to do, to honor your daddy? (shrug) I remind her of the AWANA memory verse, what was it again? “All have sinned”. Ok, what’s sin? (shrug) I got out the iPad and went to the Gospel Project app that her church’s doing that talked about why Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden. She finally remembered and said “sin bad.” Right. You sinned when you disobeyed your daddy.

She was so heartbroken and I made her clean up the mess. It’s amazing how all the things from church, AWANA, and her curriculum all lined up to make this lesson click for her. God truly planned all this. He put it on the Hazell family to write this curriculum and the AWANA’s timing worked out, if we had succeeded at the first church we tried, we’d have been at the wrong unit for the lesson, and my church recently switched from Generations of Grace to the Gospel Project which has been clicking beatufiully with My Father’s World. This is not a coincidence, it’s a God thing. Leaf came up right when the kids became restless about having to listen to me in order to do school. Leaf is about sin, it was perfect timing to drill what disobedience is and that sin cuts them off, making them die. I am in awe of how God planned all this. Wow.



ON to the pictures!!  ImageImage


We spent a lot of time outdoors running around trying to catch the falling leaves before they hit the ground. Best part is they had no idea they were working on their eye-hand coordination and getting exercise!Image!  






Snicklebritches has a mathematical mind. She figured out she can split large numbers into smaller equal numbers after getting past 20 days of school (20 sticks, two sets of ten). She was like, wait, you also can split it 4×5, 5×4. 






We also went out to make a leaf nature journal. 




WiggleAngel also did a lot of school, but I don’t have many pictures because he’s a very hands on kid, meaning, I have to have both hands in order to assist him with his things. Here’s what he did with my help. 




It’s been beautiful so we did school at the parks. 



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