Moon unit

We covered the moon this unit. Moon unit


We learned so much! A lot of what we did was by active play so there is not many pictures this time. Oh, for the reflection activity showing them about the reflection of the moon- I found that a bike reflector worked so much better at demonstrating reflection than a mirror.


This week, NASA launched a moon mission and I am amazed at God’s timing. I used this to impress the fact that even the very smart scientists still don’t know everything about the moon and how awe inspiring God is with revealing the mysteries of his creation, bit by bit.


Snicklebritches enjoyed jumping around pretending she was on the moon. Many of the pictures were blurry, so I’m not putting any of those up. However, here’s a picture of her moon activity (shaving cream and glue)


Moon activity




Another proud mama moment: While doing a lesson in ShillerMath counting to 10 using unit cubes, Snicklebritches figured out completely on her own that there are square numbers! Hopefully this means when this concept comes up in the future, she’ll recognize it and get it right away.

ShillerMath Square Numbers



Here’s the book that I found and chose to use for this Unit. I loved this book, “Faces of the Moon” by Bob Crelin. It has cut outs on the inside showing the phases of the moon. We read this book and then did the oreo moon phase activity, please look it up to see what I mean by that.
Our book this unit.
Inside of that book











We enjoyed these videos.








Also, we have a children’s museum here in town. A perk of membership is that the curator will do one-on-one tutoring. My children loved it and she went over it with them. My children are autistic, so I was shocked when my daughter piped up when asked “what is the sun?” She said something like “Sun, that’s the big star we see all day.”


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