Thank you SizzleBop for this idea!

I just tried some new advice from the SHEM convention, Carol Barnier of Sizzle Bop told us if the kids come into the bathroom, well, put them to work on fractions.

In my case, that wouldn’t fit. But I took that idea and ran with it. WiggleAngel tends to come into the bathroom and sit on my lap while I’m seated on the royal throne. Aha! I’ll put him to work. There’s a sliding mirror door immediately next to the toilet so I put him to work drawing vertical lines, which he hates. Only, I did not expect it to work so beautifully. While he watched his reflection, I could see the wheels turning in his head. He then took my hands off him and went on to make more perfectly vertical lines!

I suppose he needed to see himself in the mirror as I guided him through the motions for him to understand how to move to make the vertical lines. I would have not tried the mirror with WiggleAngel if not for SizzleBop’s idea of using a white board with fractions in the bathroom to keep the kids out.

Just sharing, in the hopes that maybe you need to try letting your developmentally disabled child use a dry-erase marker on a mirror to help them learn to make marks with writing instruments.

Working on vertical lines for fine motor skills

Working on vertical lines for fine motor skills



Now… if only I could get WiggleAngel to quit using me as his personal handkerchief!!!


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