Grabbing the bull by the horn

WiggleAngel has been rebelling at his state school. After some prayer, research, and personal investigation by surprising the teachers, I think I figured out why he loved it the first year and began to hate it this year. They use the exact same material, day after day, each year. My son remembers this from last year and the one before that. They use the same everything. They scribble on pictures of the same little boy, year after year. The first week of October’s worksheets has been the exact same thing each year and the exploratory sensory project from the second week of last April is the exact same thing sent home last week. They do not change things up and these children are in the same classroom from preK to 2nd learning life skills. My son is bored. He may be still mentally 3 years old, but he is bored. I realized that if I was to hold him back in any other school, that he would end up with a different teacher teaching different material. It’d still be at his level, but different.


For this reason, I will have WiggleAngel repeat kindergarten, but not repeat the same curriculum. This year, he will do My Father’s World Kindergarten and next year, it’ll be the Kindergarten from a different curriculum, like Heart of Dakota or Sonlight or something else. It’d still be at his level, kindergarten, but different. I am learning from the school’s mistakes of what NOT to do with my son and what to DO with my son. I attended a convention this weekend and I am energized. I am ready to tackle this educational bull by the horns and take it down. My WiggleAngel can learn! If the school won’t teach him, fine, I will. God help me.  Image


One thought on “Grabbing the bull by the horn

  1. Does your son have Angeman Syndrome? My daughter has AS will be a kinder next year. After an awful IEP today my husband and I are re-considering just homeschooling her at home. We already homeschool her 6 year old sister. I would love to talk with you some more!

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