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As I pointed out from part one of my Why post, our motto is “Seasoning our children’s souls through Christ.” We are ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) therefore we shall train our children so that when they are older they are set in their ways for life. (Proverbs 22:6) rather than sending them out into the secular world (public school system) before they have been trained to be set in their ways for life.


Therefore this is why the whole salt argument does not feel right with me. I am not saying I’m right, you’re wrong. Not at all. I simply am stating it does not make sense to me personally that a Christian family would send their children into the secular public school arguing that their children will be salt and light to the other children. How? Matthew 5:13 points out that salt is worthless if it has lost its flavor, it savor; its ability to preserve perishables. I believe that it’s impossible. How is a child to become resilient with their faith at such a young impressionable age? I believe my children do not come pre-seasoned. My God-given ministry of being a mother has burdened and blessed me with the task of filling my children with salt. Education is a big part of this process, but the important part is simply being with family.


If I send my children to school before they are set in their ways, they will naturally want to become accepted into peer groups. If their faith isn’t accepted in that environment, most children will ditch it like a hot potato in order to become a part of the crowd. You know that proverb about training up a child? That refers to an adult, not a child. A child should depart from the family when he is ready to be on his own, not before.


I plan to raise my son and my daughter to be deeply rooted in Biblical values. If they, as grown adults, decide to reject Jesus and their parents’ faith, that is their choice. I pray for them to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and as the only way to live. For now, I am the parent. I chose to believe that Jesus is the only way to avoid perishing. Therefore, I feel a burden to show my children the proper way to life, hence an education rooted in biblical values. But I do not plan to show my daughter what to think.


I plan to raise my children how to think for themselves. If they are only around other children their ages, they will begin to act exactly like them. 1 Corinthians 15:33 clearly states that bad company corrupts good character. I prefer my daughter have her own mind, not what her friends are doing. I must raise my daughter to be a feminine self-assured young lady after God’s heart and how will she be able to see that’s distinctly different from being sexy, a hottie, etc. if I do not model this for her? It’s my husband’s responsibility to model the kind of man she should seek when she’s older and it is my responsibility to model modesty to my daughter. As for my son, I plan to show him how men ought treat women and my husband is modeling how to control one’s temper when frustrated.


So many people forget that children are children. Childhood are becoming a thing of the past and I won’t allow this for my children. Another big reason we chose to homeschool is the freedom to be able to give them a childhood. You know, that slow life where one has huge chunk of free time and the children are left to their own devices to figure out how to fill those hours. They’ve often surprised us with their creativity and I see their peers obsessed with video games, etc. It would be difficult to give children time to just be if they go to public school, then whisk them to a drive through for dinner and rushing to practice and then on to the next activity and there’s still homework. When I was in public school, I did not have to bring homework home until well into junior high school. Nowadays, kindergarteners are required to do homework. Is this truly the wisest way to spend their days? Ephesians 5:15-17 There’s plenty of time for them to get used to the 9 to 4 work hours mentality, but for now… learning should be simply a way of life. Also, there’s the fact no child can serve two masters. (Matthew 6:24)


There’s also the glaring fact that I will reap what I sow (Galatians 6:7-9). If I let the public schools and government sow the seeds in my children, I will reap what they sowed. However, if I carefully and prayerfully structure my children’s education to be centered around Christ, there will be fruit to reap. A Christ-centered education would give my children a sold foundation (Matthew 7:24-27). At home, I will be able to shepherd my child’s spirit to long for God, shaping their hearts to live for God, and strengthening their minds to learn for God. In order for that to be possible, I need the children to be home so they’re around for me to shower them with attention, affection, appreciation, and acceptance.


Granted, I do have a selfish reason too. As a mainstreamed deaf child, I missed out on a lot of my education, for example, the days my interpreter was out sick. I want to relearn alongside my children. I have forgotten a lot of historical facts, math facts, and such. I remember science things because I loved that subject and I remember grammar because of all the practice I got as an editor of the high school newspaper. It will be fulfilling to learn with her. I am excited for that day when she surpasses me and ends up teaching me something. I thank the Lord for giving me my children so I have an excuse to learn all the things I should have learned. Given the fact that both my husband and I have forgotten historical facts, I believe that the family would be better at making history come alive to the child than in an institution where the children simply memorize facts and dates for the tests then promptly forgetting them in order to memorize for the next test.


I also am going to embrace the idea that homeschooling will give my children the freedom to dawdle if they have trouble grasping a concept. I don’t have to worry about the fact if they cannot grasp it by the end of the week, they’ll miss it and have to go on to the next concept like in public school. We will have the time to mull things over and hammer the concepts firmly into their minds so it’s there for them to retrieve later in life. I want them to be excited about learning. This will mean I will have to drop the lesson plans occasionally and follow their interests where they lead us. Since they aren’t in public school, I won’t have to disappoint them with not being able to learn about this subject until a certain grade. We will have the flexibility to just go with the flow of their interests. I figure it’ll eventually meander back to the lesson plan I have.


There are yet still many more reasons that we chose homeschool. School shooting. Abortions being sought by preteenagers. Medicine and vaccinations being given without parental permission. But the biggest reasons are what I’ve outlined. It’s a calling God has given us. We are to train them up, percepts upon precepts from rising out of bed to laying down in bed. It boils down to the fact that if we are to obey God; we must homeschool.  


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